"I stumbled across this young women at an open house. I had been thinking of selling my home and relocating to another city. Interesting turn of events, caused us with the help of Krystal to sell my home before even listing. We then listed with her because I did not want to take care of all details myself. She was most helpful and certainly fair with all my demands. I was and still am very impressed with her. Would not hesitate to recommend her for any real estate needs you may have."

- Mary Anne

"We used Krystal when buying our house, Krystal is very friendly, she was also extremely helpful. She looked very hard to find the right house for us. She never got discouraged at house by house wasn't what we wanted. She went the extra mile by going to City Hall with questions and concerns we had. She really did her homework and bought us the best house warming gift that really suited us to a tee. Would use her again in a heartbeat."

- Linda & Greg

"Krystal did an amazing job finding the perfect house for us! Highly recommend!"

- Tanya 

"Krystal was our Realtor when we sold our home this year. She is very up front, honest and worked very hard to build hype on our property. She did such an outstanding job, showing, presenting, marketing our home that she was able to sell it 2 days for 15k over asking price. Very pleased and impressed with Krystal's drive, professionalism and the insight on how to get you what you want for your home. Great job Krystal."

- James & Brenda

"Krystal was very tuned into what we wanted, and showed us exactly what we asked for and wanted to see.  We decided on a house relatively quickly - mostly because she made a big effort to get us into the ones we were truly interested in, in very short order.  When we ran into several snags with the other agent, Krystal really went to bat for us to get it done.  We couldn't be happier with our new house."

-Ryan & Kim